ISO 50001:2011 An international standard which provides organisations with the requirements for energy management systems.
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ISO 50001 Certification

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international standard which provides organisations with the requirements for energy management systems. It was released by the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO in June 2011 and is suitable for any organization; whatever its size, sector or geographical location. The standard provides an internationally recognized framework to manage and improve their energy performance.

The DECC have now confirmed that accredited registration to ISO 50001 is an acceptable alternative to ESOS audits and in meeting the EU legislation.

The main objective of the standard is to continually improve energy-related performance and energy efficiency by identification of energy reduction opportunities. This systematic approach will help organizations to establish systems and processes.

The standard follows the Plan - Do - Check - Act continuous improvement cycle common to many British, European and International standards and is commended for its ease of use and implementation.

The planning stage consists of identifying energy use and consumption, the associated legal requirements and developing an Energy Management Plan.

The doing stage requires the organisation to put in place the expertise and controls to manage the energy reduction activities, which will include effective planning and management of design and procurement processes.

Checking requirements include monitoring of energy usage, efficiency, improvement programmes, evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements, internal audit and handling non-conformities.

Finally, the organisation needs to act on the data it has gathered, by reviewing the results of audits and collated data. Part of this requirement is a periodic Management Review.

Some of the accepted benefits of compliance to ISO 50001 are:

  • Improved levels of compliance to energy legislation
  • Improved reputation and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Improved overall performance to cut energy consumption and associated costs
  • Improved energy efficiency now and in the future
  • Reduced impact of rising costs
  • Increased use of sustainable energy sources
  • Increased access to new customers, business partners and tender opportunities
  • Improved pro-active community image

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